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The Ultimate Dermaplane £75

Removal of dead skin and peach fuzz.


Skin feels instantly smoother

Make up will sit better - giving a flawless finish

Skin products will work more efficiently


Instant results mean this facial has no down time and is perfect for a special event.

Microneedling £120 / Course of 6 for £600

For more advance concerns including acne scarring and pigmentation.

The process creates tiny micro-channels in the skin, which then causes the skin go into its natural healing process and encourages your skin to generate new collagen and new tissue.


A course of 6 is recommended for the best results with 4-6 week intervals.

Hydrofacial £100 / £120 with Dermaplane

The Hydrofacial is a multi step treatment designed to provide a deep cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities, brighten and hydrate the skin. This treatment can be tailored to suit every skin type. ​


Includes: Hydrodermabrasion | Steam & Ultrasonic Extractions | Enzyme Peel | Radio Frequency | Bespoke Mask | Ultrasonic Skin Probing | Ice Therapy | Oxygen Infusion

The Acne Buster £75

Is your skin feeling congested and in need of a deep clean? Look no further than The Acne Buster! A deep cleanse, steam and extraction to unclog the pores followed by high frequency which helps kill bacteria and avoid future breakouts!

Radio Frequency £85 Radio frequency devices use safe levels of low-frequency electromagnetic waves to generate heat which penetrates deep into your skin’s layers. It stimulates new skin cell production and collagen. Can help soften fine lines, firm and tighten the skin with a lifted appearance.

Bespoke Chemical Peel £85 / Course of 6 for £425

Do you have acne prone skin, concerned about aging or want your skin to look brighter? Our bespoke chemical peel is for you. We use a superficial/medium depth peel depending on your skin type and concern with amazing results and minimal downtime.

Includes LED Therapy, Mask and Ice Globes.

Ready, Set, Relax.. £65

Our most relaxing facial. Your therapist will first cleanse your skin, then steam & extract any blocked pores. Lose yourself in a moisturizing face, neck and shoulder massage before experiencing your choice of a relaxing scalp, hand or foot massage while your chosen jelly mask gets to work.


Head, neck and shoulder massage £15

Ice globe massage £10

Jelly mask £10

LED Exposure £10


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