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Hello Queens!

Thank you for stepping into our pink world, whether you're browsing or booking or both.

Since 2010, Charley has been helping lovely ladies and gorgeous girlies (plus the occasional male) feel even more lovely and gorgeous.

After 2 years of recruitment (the office life was not for her) and over a year of travelling (she ran out of money) she came home to no job, no savings and no idea what to do. That's when WINK was born.

WINK by Charley was started in early 2018 and opened in Radlett in April. It is the epitome of everything we all love; colour, glitter, art, creativity, definition, learning, teaching, gossiping and most importantly making women (and men) feel fab-u-LOUS! In 2020, the C word entered our universe (no prize for what C word we're talking about) and the beauty industry was thrown into chaos. Charley spent 7/12 months hand painting press on nails for people to apply and wondering if WINK would survive.

Fast forward 3 years and not only did WINK survive - she GREW BABY!


WINK by Charley changed to WINK Beauty and a whole new pink world was created on Whetstone High Street (lucky residents!)

Our ethos is simple - provide high quality, luxury treatments in a space where our clients feel safe, comfortable and relaxed... and we really do! From the minute you arrive to the moment you leave, if you don't feel like you're with friends then we must have somehow entered a parallel universe!

There is a special bond between a girl and her lash lady/wax wizard/brow boss/nail ninja. Few others get to hear (and see) such intimate details of ones life and provide the physical tools AS WELL AS the mental ones to go face them - this bond is what we strive to achieve with every client that comes through our pink doors. If we don't succeed then we let our pooch Sydney work her magic instead ;)

Don't believe us? Come and find out... we can not WAIT to meet you.

The WINK Girls x

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