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Eyebrow wax £12

Eyebrow thread £14

Eyebrow tint* £10

Eyebrow wax & tint* £20

Eyebrow thread & tint* £22

HD Brows* £35

HD Brows is a bespoke treatment that is totally tailored you. Our expertly trained stylists combine a unique design formula with a custom blended colour, hair removal and make up application for brows that suit you.

HD Brows Shape & Tint* £24

Brow Lamination* £50

Whether you dream of that full, fluffy look, want to create symmetry or tame unruly hairs - lamination is for you!

*requires patch test


Eyelash tint* £18

Lash Lift (tint included)* £55

Lash Extensions

Classics £70

Hybrids £80

Russians £90


You must have at least 40% of your lashes still on for the treatment to be classed as an infill. Any less and you will be charged for a full set.

Classics £45

Hybrids £50

Russians £55

Lash Soak Off £20

*requires patch test

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