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What is Brow Sculpt/Lamination?


Brow Lamination is the go to treatment for clients looking for a fuller, fluffier looking brow and Brow Sculpt is the HD Brows approved method.


By using a similar science to lash perming, brow lamination uses the process of breaking and resetting the bonds in each hair follicle. By doing this we can then reset the brows into straighter and more uniform position, creating more versatility to your brow styling!


Whether you have unruly hairs that need to be tamed, gaps that need to be disguised or brows that just won’t sit where you want them to - Brow Sculpt is for you!


The Rules.


  • The use of the Brow Sculpt products is not permitted for any clients under the age of 18.

  • You MUST have had a patch test for both the laminating products and the tint at least 48 HOURS before the treatment. These can be booked through our website. They take 5 minutes and cost nothing so no excuses! WINK has the right to refuse services on the day should these tests not have been completed. Unfortunately patch tests cannot be conducted on pregnant women and tint can not be used at all.

  • AFTERCARE. AFTERCARE. AFTERCARE. If you are not prepared to follow the proper aftercare steps or do not believe you can stick to them (conditioning your brows twice a day with relevant products) WINK will not go ahead with the treatment. Like bleaching and straightening your hair on your head proper maintenance steps must be followed.


The Treatment.


Altogether the treatment should take around 45 minutes. 

This includes a tailored and in-depth consultation where your therapist will discuss your specific wants, needs and what you expect to gain from the treatment. You will also be required to fill out a consultant form.

Tinting, waxing, shaping and tailoring your brows is all included as well!


You can have this treatment done every 6-8 weeks. Any sooner and your brows could be over processed. 


The recommended timeline is as follows:


Brow Sculpt                                 HD Shape & Tint                                  Brow Sculpt

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