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Hello petals, 

Thank you for stepping into my pink world, whether you're browsing or booking or both.

I have been helping lovely ladies and gorgeous girlies (plus the occasional male) feel even more lovely and gorgeous since 2010, however in the past 11 years I have also tried out other bits and bobs. 

After 2 years of recruitment (the office life isn't for me) and over a year of travelling (I ran out of money) I came home to no job, no savings and no idea what to do. That's when my baby was born.

WINK was started in early 2018 and opened in Radlett in April. It is the epitome of everything I love; colour, glitter, art, creativity, definition, learning, teaching, gossiping and most importantly making women (and men) feel fab-u-LOUS! In 2020, the C word entered our universe (no prize for what C word I'm talking about) and the beauty industry was thrown into chaos. 7/12 months were spent hand painting press on nails for people to apply 

I love creating new looks with lashes and brows and decorating fingers with bold and bright to soft and subtle trends (nail art and glitter is a personal fave).

Beauty shows and exhibitions are part of my job. Yes, you read that right. I get to go to shows and pick out fashionable nail colours and shop for make up and lashes and brow serums and sign myself up for courses that enable me to offer the most up to date part of my JOB. I know, I'm a lucky girl. 

The best part though, is meeting my clients and building those relationships. There is a special bond between a girl and her lash lady/wax wizard/brow boss/nail ninja. Few others get to hear (and see) such intimate details of ones life and provide the physical tools AS WELL AS the mental ones to go face them. When you find that wizard, don't let her go ladies. They can be few and far between.

See you soon!

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